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In watchmaking, it is common knowledge that “in-house” movements by well-known companies occupy a distinctive segment of the watchmaking market. However, the reality is that there is little difference in Swiss Made movements used in the quality watches priced in the mid-luxury segment. This is mostly because watch movements of varying watchmakers are all sourced from the exact same manufacturer. At Trouvaille Watches, it is important for us to build Swiss Made watches, but we also want them to be available at affordable price points. So how are we able to do both and what sets us apart?

We Use a Direct to Consumer Model and Pass the Savings to You

We quickly realized the best option to meet our goal was to combine the high quality Swiss movements manufactured by industry leaders ETA and Ronda. With the expertise of Swiss watchmakers that have been producing watches of proven Swiss quality for decades, Trouvaille has raised the bar for affordable high end watches.

In addition to our trusted manufacturers, we’re able to sell our watches at lower prices due to our “direct to consumer” pricing model. Using this model means we are able to remove all the middlemen, which include distributors, wholesalers, dealers and salespeople, from our process. Because of this, Trouvaille is then able to reduce spending on costly overhead expenses. The cost savings from this successful model are then passed onto you in the form of lower prices for high quality watches. With a well-defined commitment to our customers, Trouvaille is a name you can trust. 

A Watch that Won’t Quit

A Trouvaille watch emphasizes true quality, reliability and value. With the highest level of attention to every detail of the production process, we are proud of the incredible quality and craftsmanship of each Trouvaille timepiece. Our watches are built to last but are also stylish and diverse. From the various styles, dials and our selection of straps, any high end watch from Trouvaille will compliment your own personal style.  

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We are proud to offer a selection of beautiful timepieces that provide the high quality that consumers demand. At prices to fit your budget and lifestyle, there is no comparison to the value of Trouvaille. We hope you find them as extraordinary as we do, so start shopping our collection today and who knows, you may run into an undiscovered gem!

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