Our Story


 Rizwan A. Raja, CEO & Co-founder

Trouvaille® Watches based in New York City was created with the discerning watch enthusiast in mind. The name Trouvaille (pronounced /trü vī/) is of French origin meaning lucky find or undiscovered gem.  At Trouvaille® Watches we look to achieve four core principles: quality, reliability, transparency and value with an emphasis on offering the best quality watches at the best prices. To meet our objectives we sourced the expertise of industry leaders to bring you the finest handcrafted luxury timepieces. We combine Swiss movements manufactured for over 100 years by industry leaders ETA and Ronda with the expertise of a Swiss watchmaker that has been producing watches of proven Swiss quality for decades.

 As a genuine watch enthusiast, I have always been drawn to nice watches. However, they are usually accompanied by high price tags. I felt I had to find a solution to the question,

Why are nice watches so expensive?

The answer starts with how costs are allocated.  There are many costs that are passed on to watch enthusiasts by watch companies.  First, manufacturer costs, most companies source ETA and Ronda for the movements and parts that go into the watch. Next, everyone involved in selling the watches has to get paid; distributors, wholesalers, authorized dealers, retailers and sales people.  Add costs for brick & mortar facilities, advertising/marketing budgets including celebrity endorsements and sporting event sponsorship and the watch ends up selling at 5x more than it should.

Trouvaille’s approach to solve this concern is a direct to consumer pricing model.  We source the same manufacturer (ETA, Ronda) for the movements and parts and chose an experienced Swiss watchmaker to put it altogether.  We remove all the middlemen, reduce overhead expenses with minimal advertising/marketing budgets and eliminate the brick & mortar facilities. The cost savings from our model is then passed onto you, in the form of lower prices so you can enjoy your watch purchase and still have some money left in your pocket for some of the finer things in life. Our goal is to provide watches with the high quality and reliability consumers demand with prices to fit your budget and lifestyle.

Our solution provided the inspiration for Trouvaille® Watches.

We understand that in today’s world with so many choices, style and longevity are as important as price and quality. We have carefully chosen watches for our collection with aesthetics that will not only appeal to a variety of watch enthusiasts globally, but will also stand the test of time. A Trouvaille watch gives you the quality you deserve at prices to fit your budget and lifestyle.


Quality. Reliability. Value.

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