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Trouvaille is reinventing the way the world defines luxury watches. Ordinarily understood to most, a brand’s quality and success is measured by its notoriety and the high price tag that gives off an impression of exclusiveness. Trouvaille wants to show that high-end watches don’t have to come at an unfavorably high cost. We focus our craft on the seamless pairing of budget-friendliness, reliability, style and quality all into one watch brand that puts your needs and watch interests first. Take a look at any of our quartz or automatic movement watches to get a sneak peak into the Trouvaille lifestyle. You’ll discover what it truly means to find and own the gem hiding in the rough. 

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Luckily with Trouvaille Watches, personal luxury is not hard to attain. With high quality watches at a friendly cost, we invite all watch enthusiasts and newcomers to learn the meaning of quality, reliability and value. To get in touch with us, Trouvaille Watches is located at 347 West 39th Street, Suite 7W in New York, NY. 10018 Please feel free to reach out for more information on our watch models or additional product inquiries. You can also contact Trouvaille at or by filling out the form below to send us a message.