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At Trouvaille Watches, we make time for you. We’re faithfully committed to revolutionizing the watch industry with beautiful one-of-a-kind handcrafted watches. We’re able to create a niche watch brand that exists to fit your budget and lifestyle. In collaboration with well-known Swiss watchmakers, our consumer-focused manufacturing process is accomplished at a reduced cost while maintaining the highest style and quality. The pricing model at Trouvaille is truly unrivaled, granting us the opportunity to offer fair prices on our entire high-end watch collection. The Trouvaille brand is built on inspiring all of the world’s casual and formal watch enthusiasts with a quality product that bypasses unnecessary price markups. With years of expertise and dedication, Trouvaille is prepared to share our story and the handcrafted excellence you deserve.

Show Us Your Favorite Trouvaille Watch

A lifestyle is typically defined by the actions and preferences of a group or individual throughout their everyday life. The way you walk, talk, dress and accessorize truly determines the style you want the world to associate with your likeness. The unique culture that the Trouvaille family aims to inspire is what sets our luxury watch brand apart from the rest. These sophisticated watches are designed to adapt to any fashion trend as the perfect accessory timepiece.

High-end watch brands also tend to forget the importance of catering to customer relationships – and this is where the spirit of Trouvaille’s passion lives. The lifeblood of our brand lies in the hands of not only in our enthusiasm, but yours most of all. We encourage you to share your favorite Trouvaille watch with us and we’ll feature your pick to help inspire others. If you have a picture with our watches and you’d like to share, send us an email at

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We would love for you to learn more about the hidden gem that is a premium watch from Trouvaille. We emphasize what quality, reliability and value really means in a top luxury watch, but we want you to experience it for yourself. Feel free to contact us or join our mailing list for additional information and watch recommendations. You can also check out our blog for Trouvaille updates, news articles, style tips and much more!

Discovering The Lifestyle

The following photos showcase Trouvaille Watches on the wrists of our dedicated customers. Experience the Trouvaille Lifestyle in full color and show off your top picks.


    Jay Cardiello   Classic Lady Blue  Aviator & Classic Roman  Classic Index - Women  Deluxe Chrono White 1 Deluxe Chrono Black    Pilot-1 Pilot 2 Captain 1 pilot fd K perkins Nate S Eduardo Walter R