Our Manufacturing Process

Handcrafted by Artisans

Precise hand-crafted work is at the heart of our watchmaking process. Our team of professional watchmakers have been extensively trained to produce timepieces that boast accuracy and excellence. To guarantee the Swiss Made quality of our watches, each watch is assembled, controlled and packaged manually at our manufacturing partner’s facility.

It takes many different production steps before a Trouvaille watch makes its way into the world as a functional timepiece.  From the selection of the components to printing the dial, assembling the watch, engraving the case back, inspecting for quality assurance, and finally packaging the finished product, handwork is at the core of each working step. We are convinced that the high quality standards we set for our products can only be achieved through integrating the traditional manual skills of the watchmaking trade and today’s specialized, modern working tools in order to support our watchmakers in their quest for high precision. All Trouvaille watches are subject to a thorough quality control process, checking all functions, including water-resistance, as well as an intensive visual check.

Through our multi-step production and control processes, we are able to guarantee the Swiss Made quality of all our timepieces, which accurately complies with the official regulations set by the Swiss Federal Council. Moreover, to ensure the excellence and accuracy of our timepieces, only high quality movements of the Swiss manufacturers ETA and Ronda are used. 

Handcrafted Trouvaille Watches: “WE MAKE TIME FOR YOU”® 

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