Our Manufacturing Process

Luxury Watches Handcrafted by Artisans

A Trouvaille watch is an exceptional timepiece, one that you will value for the rest of your life. To create something so lasting, the manufacturing and production process must be of the highest quality. With attention put into every last detail, Trouvaille Watches ensures we can deliver on our mission. This is why precise hand-crafted work is at the heart of our luxury watchmaking process.

The Trouvaille Watchmakers

Our team of professional watchmakers is extensively trained to produce timepieces that boast accuracy, excellence and sophistication. To guarantee the Swiss Made quality of our high end watches, each piece is assembled, controlled and packaged manually at our manufacturing partner’s facility. Our watchmakers are dedicated to perfection and won’t accept even the slightest flaw. Throughout every step of the process, they ensure the highest level of attention is delivered to each and every Trouvaille timepiece.

The Exceptional Steps of Production

There are several steps to producing a Trouvaille watch before it finds its way onto your wrist. We begin by selecting the premium components and materials including materials such as 316L stainless steel and sapphire glass. At the core of each process, every piece of our watches is handled with care so they can give the glimmer of a true hidden gem. Accompanying the luxurious dials, we also produce an incredibly beautiful variety of handcrafted straps to finish off the look. Ranging from traditional leather, genuine alligator and stainless steel, every look is unique and the perfect combination is waiting for you.

High Level Quality Control

We are convinced that the high quality standards we set for our products can only be achieved through integrating traditional manual skills. With utmost respect for the watchmaking trade, we seamlessly utilize today’s specialized, modern working tools in order to support our watchmakers in their quest for immaculate precision. All Trouvaille watches are subject to extremely thorough quality control. Our meticulous process scans all of the watch’s functions such as testing water-resistance and functionality as well as an intensive visual check. No watch leaves production or gets packaged without us knowing for certain that it has met the true standard of a Trouvaille watch.

Swiss Made

Swiss Made means our watches meet the strict guidelines to bear those words. All Trouvaille watches are assembled and cased with final inspections made in Switzerland. To ensure excellence and pinpoint accuracy, only high quality movements from Swiss manufacturers ETA and Ronda are used in our timepieces. Through our multi-step production and control processes, we at Trouvaille are proud to guarantee the Swiss Made quality of all our timepieces. Accurately complying with the official regulations set forth by the Swiss Federal Council, Trouvaille further extends our ambitious commitment to timepiece perfection.

Become a Part of the Trouvaille Family

Our manufacturing process is so intensive because we treat each customer like family. A watch is an investment that will be worn for decades, so it should be capable of lasting the test of time. We are proud of the watches we produce because we do not take the easy way out on any aspect of production. Please contact us with any questions and join the lifestyle today. We hope you find a Trouvaille Watch that suits your style.

Handcrafted Trouvaille Watches: “WE MAKE TIME FOR YOU”® 

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